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Cerebrum Marketing Solutions

Established in 2011 by a dynamic team of Designers, Programmers, Scientific Thinkers and Marketing Experts.
Cerebrum has quickly gone from strength to strength due to their passion, uniquely powerful brand communication strategies and Scientific fact. Cerebrum ensure their Partner's brands successfully gain recognition with their target market audience. Fast.


By quickly and expertly assessing your company's strengths and weaknesses, Cerebrum build the best team to support you in taking your brand to market.
We create combined solutions for your business needs ie. the best strategy to communicate your Brand directly to your target market on a clear, rational and emotive level!
You'll find at Cerebrum, Brand strategy is never separated from Business strategy. Our teams ensure focus on your customers and key elements of your business model in addition to brand awareness / your marketing plan.

Services: Our superpowers

  • Creative Brand Strategies

    Creative Brand Strategies

    Many companies to spend a small fortune on advertising and marketing. With the advent of product information and buying online (both rapidly on the increase) where should you, as a business, really be investing that budget?

    Business to business? Business to Consumer?
    Cerebrum will find the right solutions by looking at your company, product and customers from every possible angle. Only then do we provide the effective brand strategies and support that you'll need to achieve success.

  • Creative Design Services

    Creative Design Services

    Specialising in dynamic strategies that directly influence brand perception.
    From building beautiful websites that tell your story clearly and powerfully to designing the brochures that will make you stand out from your competitors. Cerebrum choose the best communication mix to influence your target market with your brand message and core values. From conception to execution, Cerebrum provides your company with solutions that bring great results.

  • Brand Activations

    Brand Activations

    Cerebrum create amazing target audience experiences achieving huge success for our Client brands.
    We help you define and build out your product and brand activation and then deliver seamlessly.
    Science, research, experience, passion and an intense understanding of the consumer mean that your brand activations will far exceed your expectations and KPI's!

  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality

    In a nutshell, AR adds a digital element to real life. For example, by using your smartphone, you can direct your camera at a brand, and this triggers a video to pop-up onto your device, or it can trigger another image to appear which will give the buyer a further 25% discount!
    Augmented reality is a whole new dimension of interaction with your brand, enabling infectious, memorable experiences that form lasting, valuable impressions.
    Marketing is simply engaging consumers, and augmented reality presents unparalleled opportunities.


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